One year ago today I made my very first post here on Readerly Musings! Unlike most bloggers who probably started with some sort of introductory get-to-know-me post, I started right off talking about my experiences at the 2013 Lit Crawl Manhattan and Brooklyn Book Festival.

In celebration of my blogiversary, I am instilling some new changes! The first of which went into effect in August when I moved my blog to Book Host! Since then I also created review indexes and have now given Readerly Musings a lovely new layout!

I’m also going to do a little something different for my blogiversary and tell you about myself in a few different ways:

    Top 10 Events/Moments in My First Year of Blogging
    10 Favorite Posts of Mine
    10 Milestones Achieved
    10 5 Goals for Year 2 of Blogging
    Thanks to Blogging…

All of these posts will be coming up this week, along with a very special giveaway! The giveaway will be posted on Friday, so stay tuned and enter to win some fabulous prizes (read: books)!

I’m also in the process of creating a special FAQ page about myself and my blogging habits which will hopefully be posted within the next week and then updated as needed. If there are any burning questions you have ever wanted to ask me, now is the time!

Thank you so much for being there for me and supporting Readerly Musings throughout my first year of blogging and chronicling my reading journey!

Special thanks goes to my friends Hannah and Jorie who have been with me from the beginning and introduced me to so many new things, whether they be books, authors, publishers, blogging resources, events, or otherwise! Thank you both so much!

Here’s to the next year!

Hello, everyone! In getting back in the swing of blogging things after some unintentional time off, I’ve introduced a new feature: a review index! On the main menu bar, there is now a section marked Review Index and when you hover over it, you can choose to see a listing of all my reviews by either author, title, series, or genre. Unfortunately my Book Reactions are not included in these indexes, but I am working on figuring out a way to make a separate index for the books featured in those posts in the coming weeks.

Hopefully you’ll find this new feature useful!

Jun 26th 2014

Hi, everyone!

Just passing by with a quick update to let you know I can be found on BookLikes under the username thechristined! I’ve had this account since around the time I started blogging, but didn’t do anything with it until this morning when, thanks to talking with Jorie, I went on for the first time in months and found out about their wonderful GoodReads import and synchronization features! Talk about making “cloning” my GoodReads account a breeze!

I will still be using GoodReads (my GR profile), I am not leaving there, but I figured I would let you all know this in case anyone who doesn’t use GoodReads and/or uses BookLikes could follow me on there as well if they so choose.

Feel free to add me, and I will add you back as soon as I can!

Due to BEA and my overwhelming number of books, as you’ve no doubt seen by now either through my book haul vlog or my special BEA shelf on Goodreads (which admittedly does not have all of them included for various reasons), I am going on a sort of book buying “ban.” My very first one! I put the word ban in quotes because I’m not going to stop buying books all together.

My plan is that – with the exception of my most anticipated pre-orders or if I attend bookish events – I am not going to buy anymore books until after I reach my goal of 100 books on the Goodreads challenge. Which will probably keep me from buying books for a month or so due to my family visiting and all the fun stuff we have planned. After that, I’m going to implement a rule that I can only buy one book for every three new-to-me books I read and keep that in place until I read 15 BEA books and write and post reviews for all 15 of them. That may not seem like it will take me very long, but seeing as how I’m a mood reader and the majority of my BEA books won’t be published until September (and therefore I won’t be able to post those reviews until August/September), it could very well last me through the summer and beyond.

Other exceptions will be made for gift cards, giveaways, etc. though I haven’t figured out exactly what those exceptions are. I’m also going to be closing review requests, but will help promote books I’m interested in reading in other ways (cover reveals, guest posts, blog tours, etc).

As far as how you can help keep me honest, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe check in with me once a week, perhaps on my Friday Finds post, or randomly via Twitter, and ask me how I’m doing with it? Of course, feel free to send me a surprise message at any time, and I’m always fine with caps-only messages 😉

So let’s get this book buying “ban” started and see how I do!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to make this post seeing as how I feel so out of the blogging world right now.

As you probably know from my many posts and tweets mentioning this, I am currently without a desktop computer, and have been for almost two weeks now. For a while I did have access to my parents’ desktop, but then that decided to stop working as well. No clue why, it happened when my mom was using it and then would not restart properly. So all I’m left with right now is my laptop – which is really a netbook – and it makes doing anything besides typing in Microsoft Word very difficult. Which is precisely the reason why I bought it, because I wanted a computer that I could use solely for writing and not get distracted. Seriously, this thing doesn’t even have a CD/DVD drive! I’m hoping to get my desktop back on Monday, but that’s just a rough estimate from the technician who is currently working on it for me, so nothing is definite.

The other reason for this post is that on Friday, one of my family members is coming to New Jersey from out of state for two weeks, and then another will be coming on the 28th for a week. So I’m trying my best now to get ahead on blog posts as much as I can before they arrive so I have some content scheduled, and can then focus solely on replying to comments.

I also want to try and get ahead on filming and editing vlogs (well, at least filming them, I can’t edit them on my netbook) so that throughout the two weeks my family is here, I can have some of those scheduled as well. The problem with vlogging however, is that I don’t think I have enough ideas for vlogs to post more than three (including my BEA book haul though I’m hoping I can get that posted sooner….) during that time. So, if you have any suggestions for vlogs that you would like to see (or blog posts, for that matter), please feel free to comment with them below and I will see what I can do!

Jun 2nd 2014

It’s been a little over a day since BEA now, and I am still feeling rather exhausted (not to mention sore from carrying around books for two days)! It was an absolutely amazing experience and I have already begun work on a proper update chronicling my time there.

As such, I’m a bit behind on normal blog things, including replying to comments, tweets, etc. and I’m not completely sure when I’ll be able to get caught up as I need to do some things at home – including finding spots for all my new books and swag – and make contact with some people I spoke with at BEA, but I’m hoping to be back in the swing of things by Wednesday.

If  there is something you want/need me to see before Wednesday that I have not yet responded to, please feel free to leave a comment on this post letting me know. I will be checking this post for comments before the others as I hope any replies won’t take too much brain power as I try to sort through everything that needs to be addressed!

Quick post before I get back to reading after the wonderful Bout of Books twitter chat!

I’ve decided to film not one but two vlogs tomorrow!

The first will be dedicated to the Bout of Books 10.0 Read-a-Thon, but the second will be a FAQ. So between now and approximately noon EDT, feel free to comment with them here, or send me a tweet with the hashtag #ReadMuseQs.

As soon as I get home from work in the afternoon I will compile all of the questions together and print out the list so I don’t forget any when I’m filming.

Now: ready, set, ask!

May 12th 2014

I placed an order last week with Book Outlet while they were holding their Spring Clearance sale, and decided to do an unboxing vlog! I bought 11 books for a little over $45 (including shipping), so it’s rather long, but hopefully you’ll find some books you want to look into!

Alas, I had wanted to post this yesterday, but the vlog didn’t finish upload until around 5 o’clock this morning (according to the notification e-mail YouTube sent me) even though I started uploading it yesterday afternoon.

Read more…

As I’ve probably mentioned a bunch of times before, either in posts or in comments, I am a bit behind on posting reviews for books I’ve read of my own accord between December and now, and I’ve come up with a way to (hopefully) remedy that!

Part of my problem with getting the reviews written and posted is because I’m simply gushing over those books too much that I don’t know how to be entirely critical of and detached from them like I normally try to do, and I don’t want to write up a one paragraph reaction to include with my monthly reaction posts (which I’m also behind on posting…) because I simply have too much I want to say! The other part of the problem is that some of the books I still don’t exactly know how I feel about them, they have me feeling so torn.

So what I recently decided (read: last night), I will be adding a third category for my thoughts and feelings on books in addition to Book Reviews and Book Reactions. This category will be called Book Chat!

Book Chat posts will be more personal than my reviews, more in-depth than my reactions, and may also have clearly marked spoiler sections.

I’m working on writing up a few posts now and hope to have the first of them up sometime in the next week. My biggest hurdle will probably be exactly how I’m going to handle their spoiler sections, so if you have thoughts or opinions on how I should format them, let me know!

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