Wow! I cannot believe that I never posted my last Bout of Books update and the read-a-thon ended almost a month ago! I still have yet to fully calculate all my reading stats, but I will be doing so sometime tonight and then posting my wrap-up.

Since the readathon, I feel like I have been running around like a lunatic. My life this past month has consisted of two major work events, an early birthday celebration, along with my actual birthday, planning and attending BEA, and a mish-mash of other activities! Thankfully, none of this kept me from reading completely, although it did make me feel like my brain was mush at times. With one book, I had to go back and reread a whole bunch of pages because I wasn’t truly absorbing the story and another I didn’t even realize was a companion to a previous book I had read until almost halfway through – don’t ask me what I was thinking!

But now, for the time being, things are calming down again and I hope to be much more present here on my blog. I have a couple of reviews partially written, and notes for many others, so be on the look out for those and many more new posts!

Ah, migraines.

I must say that I loathe them given that they hurt so much, keep me from doing things I love, and I have to wear sunglasses even when it’s dark and dreary outside and/or when I’m in the house.

Which is why I wasn’t around, again, much this past week.

I do realize, however, how lucky I am (as I mentioned previously) in that I am able to read while dealing with a migraine. I have to read either books I’ve previously read and know the ending to, or books of a lower age level so I don’t have to try too hard to keep myself focused, but I am still able to do something that I love so much.

Blogging, on the other hand, gets left by the wayside as being on the computer and writing are two things that I’m not able to stand doing much of when I have a migraine. I have, however, managed to jot down some ideas for future posts and musings, and hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to sit down and start writing them up so that I can have them at the ready for when I need a post either because I am unable to write any up, or I am on some sort of vacation.

In the meantime, I do have two reviews to finish typing and post (the same two I had wanted to post last week), and I’m hopeful they will go up in the coming day. And if you have written up any posts you would like me to check out or think I would be interested in, feel free to comment with any and all links!

I wanted to post this really quickly just so you all know what’s going on with me and you are aware of why I might not be commenting on your posts or replying to your comments as quickly.

I’m not sure if I posted it on here or elsewhere (I’ve kind of lost track as to what exactly I’ve said on my own blog versus in comments on others’ blogs) but it was around this time of year two years ago that I saw my maternal grandma alive despite the fact that she lived another two and a half months. It was getting too painful for me to continue visiting her in the nursing home what with the decline in her health. It’s started to hit me particularly hard the past couple of days and in addition to some of my usual blogging habits falling by the wayside, so too has my writing for NaNoWriMo.

So, if I do not reply to you for a few days or seem to read your blog posts or any other messages, please know that I do appreciate each and every one of your comments and have a bunch of tabs with your entries open in Firefox so that, hopefully, within the next few days when my emotional state returns to normal, I will be able to immerse myself in everything I am currently missing.

The scheduled posts I created to free up my time for NaNoWriMo will continue to be posted in the meantime, so this will not cause much of an interruption with my actual entries. So please feel free to comment on them and I promise I will get back to you!

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